«Cycling the Square». Exhibition, Presentations, Discussions. Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich, ZHdK, Museum Bärengasse, Zürich, 13.–27.8.2014


Annemarie Bucher, Niştiman Erdede, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Linda Jensen, Dominique Lämmli, Lee Chun Fung, Patrick Müller, Liu Pei-Wen, Ashraf Osman.

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The globalization of art problematizes existing notions of art and rapidly widens the scope of artistic activities. Where this paradigmatic shift will lead is open and the subject of much discussion. Until recently, a key aspect of art was its claim to exclusivity – especially within Euro/ American contexts. Against this background, it is striking that nowadays art groups, networks, and movements worldwide are increasingly fostering inclusive involvement and direct relationships with their surroundings.

ART IN ACTION wants to draw attention to this development. Who uses which artistic strategies where, why, and for what purposes? The invited speakers, Lee Chun Fung, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Niştiman Erdede, and Linda Jensen will present their current projects. The presentations take place in connection with the show ART IN ACTION which draws attention to some particularly interesting networks as well as an additional focus on further invited projects.

Also included was a closed roundtable discussion on Community, Activism & Funding. Inputs by Christoph Schenker, Marc Dusseiller, Milenko Lazic, Paula Pin, and Jörg Scheller.

«Wir sind nur ein Text». Performance by Nistiman Erdede with Tilde von Overbeck und Anina Polivka in the context of Flüchtlingsatelier

«Flüchtlingsatelier». Projekt mit dem Kollektiv AntiKultiAtelier: «Die Welt in Zürich», 2011. Installation