«Zehra Doğan: Art at the heart of History» Roundtable with Gianluca Costantini, Nistiman Erdede and Engin Sustam im Rahmen von «Autour de Zehra Dogan femme kurde, artiste et journaliste», Festival des Autres Mondes, Le Roudour, Art et Culture, Pays de Morlaix, Bretagne, 21.10.2018


Gianluca Costantini. Italian activist artist and graphic designer journalist. «Histoire de résistance». His website gianlucacostantini.com was censored by Erdoğan. (Italie)
Nistiman Erdede. Activist artist, Kurdish political refugee. (Switzerland)
Engin Sustam. Researcher in social sciences and specialist in Kurdish territory. Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul and EHESS. Associate Researcher at IFEA Istanbul. Author of «Kurdish Art and Subalternity between Violence and Resistance». (France)

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Can Zehra be classified in contemporary art? Yes, because she’s at the heart of present history. No, because she does not use commercial codes, she draws permanently from her roots which make her present, she is not «out of culture», nor a universal globalist. So, unclassifiable, Zehra?

Foto: Gaël Le Ny